Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wood is Good .....

but bike racing is BETTER!!!!!!! Mike & Lynn of Team Sam/Millwork One Racing and I also of Millwork One Racing have been heading to CT. for the Plainville Spring Series training race. This week Mike chose to do battle with me in the 3/4 race NICE!!!!!! Good turnout this is usually the biggest field of the day 40 to 50 riders. My plan was to ride as smooth as possible through the corners , close gaps only when neccessary and ride the best possible wheels in order to save energy for the last 5 laps when all hell breaks loose. One wheel that I enjoyed was Capt America's who rode a Red White and Blue Stars& Stripes C'Dale. I was in constant search for the Capt as he was strong , an excellent bike handler and provided shelter for my fat ass. Mike Sam bridged to a break mid race and ready to rock& roll found a group of riders not willing to work together to keep the break alive and were soon swallowed up. The course is flat and very fast making breakaways difficult. With 5 to go time to move forward. Gutter time, outside left , slowly getting to the front with the Capt and Mike in tow just keep the pedals moving the CAAD8 will do the rest , 1 to go favorite corner is the last one leading to the slight uphill finishing straight , everyone nice and straight, hold the lines and empty the tank , field sprint , finish line approaching fast, finished upper teens or so, my best finish so far , every week the fitness improves.

Back to the Volvo , change quick and head out to the course to heckle Lynn the most attractive member of Team Sam. Lynn did an excellent job as the only woman in the 4/5 Masters field, showing the men how to take the corners at speed and riding strong the entire race. Tommorrow Wells Ave.... SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 2009 season is upon us , we now have something to look forward to , every weekend if you want it you'll find some form of bike racing be it in the woods or on the road......"Life is Good"