Monday, December 29, 2008

Wainscot Madness

Earlier this year I had a run of wainscot jobs that illustrate three different ways to install this classic interior woodwork.In this version I start with chair rail and base cap or panel moulding to form shadow boxes mounted on the drywall suface.This is a quick and economical way to get the wainscot effect.This version is 36" tall

The next version I install poplar stiles/rails with scotia moulding on the inside of each box, 4 1/2 speedbase is added and its finished with chair rail and a cap.Because the wainscot when installed on the drywall sits proud of the door casing a back band is added.There is less mess and less labor with this version but your at the mercy of an uneven surface that is the nature of drywall.This example of wainscot is 48" tall.

The third version and one that produces the best result, starts with the removal of existing drywall and the installation of furniture grade plywood for a flat even foundation on which to build upon. Poplar stiles/rails are next and in this case panel moulding is used to trim each section followed by baseboard, and chair rail.This version creates more of a mess and requires more labor but in the end your left with beautiful wall furniture.This version stands 32" tall.Wood is Good!!!!!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Fireplace Mantel Fever

Not too long after I finished the maple fireplace surround I was contracted to build another one this time out of poplar.I had a picture of a mantel I had done a while back and my client had an image from the web we took the features she liked from both and combined them to create this surround.The Monday before Christmas I removed the old mantel and took the final measurements and was asked if it would be possible to have it done before the holiday, not wanting to set myself up to disappoint I said that I can't guarantee but will try my best. My brain was still fresh my last mantel, I started Tuesday and by Friday night the saw dust settled the mantel was done and I installed it with the help of my Dad the morning of Christmas eve.

Fireplace Mantel

This is a fireplace mantel surround I built out of soft maple from an image my client found on the web, the stain was tinted to match an existing built in. Limited wall space and fire code restrictions for the gas fireplace made getting the proportions correct the most challenging part of this project.